Yava Labs


Yava Labs is an innovative company providing the best quality supplements for athletes. Extensive research and cooperation with dieticians and professionals from the fitness industry lead to developing effective formulas and properly dosed supplements. The highest quality ingredients used in every product make Yava Labs supplements superior, effective, and safe even for most demanding athletes.


We have been working in the fitness industry for 20 years, competing and winning prestigious bodybuilding competitions. For years we’ve been testing and looking for supplements that work and better our vitality. There’s always been room for improvement. We decided to work with dieticians and scientists to bring our vision to life and create the supplements we have always been looking for.


In order for athletes to be the best, it’s necessary to take care of many aspects – training, nutrition, recovery, and supplementation. Yava Labs products are designed to support it all. The training will be more effective with proper supplementation, gaps in the diet filled, and recovery more efficient. Our supplements are backed by clinical evidence and made from the highest quality raw ingredients. Using innovative technology, Yava Labs provides an unmatched level of purity, making our brand a safe choice for everybody who wants to feel, look, and do better.


Our manufacture is currently located in Europe. At this time, Yava Labs makes all products in our manufacture in Poland. There will be manufactures in the US, and UK soon.

YAVA LABS mailing address is 1040 1st Ave #2058, New York, NY 10022
+1 (929) 420-9437